We can cater to your individual needs with a bespoke, personalised plan that spans across any and all media formats, both above the line and programmatic media. Whether you want a large, broadcast heavy campaign or a smaller campaign that only targets people in a particular geographical area, Collegiate Media can help.


We run bespoke digital campaigns that are built on a client by client basis and are split between reach, retention and retargeting strategies. These campaigns are planned at a granular level and we optimise all activity against our clients’ KPIs, taking the learnings from their current audience online and applying this to all prospecting. We use dynamic creative and custom data segments to create innovative lines of targeting that speak directly to the individuals we are targeting. All media is traded in house, allowing us to cut out any additional costs or wastage. Our transparent delivery mechanics mean your brand can send the right message to the right user at the right time, on the right device
Paid Social

This channel has seen tremendous growth in recent years and is showing no signs of slowing down. If you are not making the most of the accurate targeting capabilities that are made possible by paid social advertising then you are missing out on a significant part of new customers and new engagement. We are able to run a combination of targeting strategies that are split by a number of factors such as audience behaviour, intent and buying signals. Bought against a range of buying methodologies one thing remains constant in that we optimise and deliver against your performance metrics. Our custom reporting dashboards will send you customer insight that can be applied to all other marketing channels.

Our Video on Demand campaigns are built to work independently or to complement any broadcast activity that may be running along side them. We plan and buy against either GRPs or TVRs/Impressions and in our view all VOD delivery should be bought on a viewability basis only. We plan cross device and cross channel ensuring we have a range of creative testing in place and our campaigns deliver against second screen, brand uplift, programmatic TV and YouTube. Ensuring our clients have total viewable transparency is paramount to the success we have seen in taking rich media formats to an online audience and proving the on-target success of all delivery.



Outdoor advertising is a medium that cannot be turned off and cannot be avoided yet is still one of the least obtrusive platforms available to utilise. It covers a huge range of formats that can be extremely effective when targeting youth, such as, billboards, bus interiors and exteriors, train interiors, shopping centre panels and even more uncommon formats like graffiti adverts, pavement vinyls and building projection. We are able to plan campaigns and book outdoor media in proximity to any desired locations to present your message to your audience in the places they visit outside of their homes.


73% of 15-24 year olds listen to commercial radio according to the latest RAJAR figures. This means that it is a media that cannot be ignored. However what stations do they listen to? When do they listen? What type of adverts do they like? Collegiate Media have all the answers, along with brilliant negotiation skills we will create the right campaign for the right budget to achieve the right results. We have achieved some fantastic results from airtime and sponsorships. Radio campaigns are no longer just adverts we can engage the audience through sponsoring music festivals, presenter endorsements and competitions. Talk to us about our past campaigns and the great results they have achieved.


Newspapers and magazines have a stronger influence than many realise. People will read content from press outlets in some way, shape of form on a regular basis. This can be through reading news stories in print publications as well as reading them on their corresponding websites. People want the latest news as it happens, we can place adverts on their websites that will link straight through to your site. The press are very proactive on social media engaging their audience the way that they want to be communicated with. There are many exciting opportunities available, please take the time to speak to us about past successful campaigns.


Think TV is too expensive? Think again! Advertising on television doesn’t have to cost the earth, the way that people are consuming TV is changing this means that there are many different platforms to advertise on. Along with traditional TV people are also watching via a number of different devises including tablet, laptop and mobile. The way that you buy TV advertising is also changing. You can specifically target your audience by age, demographic and location. Advertising on the digital platforms such as ITVPlayer, 4OD, Demand5 and SKYGO can be as cost effective as any other form of media; You also only pay for the people who actually see your advert, greatly reducing wastage. Your advert can also link straight to your website so ensuring a strong call to action is important.

Collegiate Media can help with the creation, selection, planning and production of all campaigns including post analysis.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a cost-effective way to reach people within a certain geographical location. The low pressure setting of someone’s own home helps deliver a clear cut through because consumers are relaxed and open to communications in this environment, allowing for deeper brand engagement. 39% of people store mail in the home, most commonly on work surfaces in kitchens. This provides multiple opportunities to engage with a brand.


It’s a well known fact that the best way to raise brand awareness is to establish an emotional connection between a consumer and a brand. One the best ways to create an emotional connection with someone who has never been exposed to your brand before is to give them an experience with it. As you can probably tell by the name, experiential marketing does exactly that. Potential consumers are able to interact with brand ambassadors in a face to face sitting and are able to learn about your services.

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